The area of Syunik is wealthy with valuable ecosystems, recreation, historical and cultural resources.

Ecotourism and tour routes can satisfy visitors having different types and interests; they can be ecological, historical and cultural, common scientific-cognitive, complex or specialized depending on visitors’ kinds and interests.

Trips mainly involve spectacular places of the area, natural monuments and other aspects. Specialized forms of ecotourism are flora and fauna and their habitat monitoring, geographical, archeological, architectural, national, cultural and other trips.

Fragmentation and inaccessibility of  areas (included in routes) require sufficient physical fitness from visitors; it is possible to organize individual and small group tours . March-November months are the best period for tours.

Some routes in the protected area can be passed by cars /only in permitted parts/, on foot or on horseback. Usage of any transport is prohibited  in the state reserve; they should be restricted before barriers.

Additionally, observations of animal tracks  are organized having an objective to use the winter season.

Wild fauna and flora observation tours can play a crucial role in cognition and environmental education involving local population, schoolchildren and students.


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