Brief Information about Ecotourism Routes

“Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO comprises specially protected areas of the RA Syunik region; sanctuaries, a reserve and a national park. The head office of SNCO is located in Kapan, which is about 310km away from Yerevan.

Starting point

If you make your way from Yerevan, proceed over Kapan and turn left from the tunnel before entering Kapan. If you set off a journey from Iran; Shikahogh village is located on M-17 Meghri-Kapan highway. Directions to “Shikahogh” state reserve are indicated on road signboards.

Route 1  
Route 2  
Route 3  
Route 4  
Route 5
Route 6
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Route 16
Route 17

March-November months are the best period for tours.

Please contact us to register and get information about services, prices, and other details.

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“Zangezur” Biosphere complex” SNCO
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