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Zangezur Official Website


The objective of  “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO  is  provision of natural ecosystems, landscape and  biodiversity, scientific research of nature inheritance, preservation, protection, registration, inventory, observation, conduct of nature chronology, as well as  sustainable  utilization of natural resources in “Arevik” National Park, “Shikahogh” State Reserve, “Plane Grove”, “Zangezur”, “Khustup”, “Boghoqar” state sanctuaries.


The organization is aimed

  1.  to provide conservation for  landscape and biodiversity of natural ecosystems in a national park, a reserve, sanctuaries, additionally  gene pool, nature inheritance organizing and implementing their scientific research.
  2. to arrange and fulfill registration of  natural ecosystems and  their separate components,   flora and fauna  preparing necessary materials for conduct of cadastre.
  3. to implement an ecological observation, conducting nature chronology and organizing an activity of museum of nature. Samples, collections and information about  a reserve, a national park,  sanctuaries,  ecosystems and their elements of the RA Syunik Region are exhibited and preserved at the museum.
  4.  to  prevent processes undermining balance of natural ecosystem in a reserve, a national park, sanctuaries caused by a human’s activity, implementing recovery events of damaged ecosystems due to the defined cases of the RA law on “Specially protected nature areas”.
  5. to carry out scientific-cognitive tourism (including ecotourism).
  6. to fulfill activities for the fire security according to the defined order.
  7. to provide implementation of thesis by physical and legal persons due to the  defined  orders  of a reserve, sanctuaries and a national park.
  8. to  fulfill  activities for ecological education and upbringing of population within its jurisdiction.
  9. to intend and do scientific-research works.
  10. to get involved in international environmental organizations, partake in international environmental projects.
  11. to make and publish scientific, scientific-cognitive literature and informative materials.
  12. to carry out other functions envisaged by  the RA legislation and statue.

 The organization implements the following types of  an entrepreneurial activity :

  1. implementing  scientific-cognitive tourism, including ecotourism.
  2. preparation  and publication of scientific- cognitive literature and informative materials.
  3. provision of premises for ecological education and upbringing of population.
  4. delivery of services related to ecological and scientific-cognitive tourism.
  5. fulfillment  of advertising
  6. provision of information and consolatory services.
  7. utilization, realization and reproduction of biodiversities, flora and fauna species, additionally  forest resources.
  8. harvesting, processing and realization of  timber, including secondary timber (logs).
  9. non-timber forest use ( mowing, animal grazing, placing of beehives and apiaries, collection of wild fruits, nuts, mushrooms, herbs and technical raw materials) and processing, realization of  aforementioned  bio-resources.
  10. production, processing and realization of agricultural products.
  11. delivery of services related to recreation and cognitive tourism.
  12. provision of real and movable property for rent, temporary use.
  13. carrying out souvenir production and exhibition-sales.




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