On August 26, at 12:00 the workers of ''Zangezur'' Biosphere Complex SNCO detected a case of wildfire 3-4km right from the peak of Mount Khustup towards the city of Kajaran. The workers of the Complex immediately briefed the representatives of regional subdivisions of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, state regional governmental bodies and other relevant bodies on the fire. The fire spread in four directions, thereby it required four groups of the complex employees to set about firefighting operations. Some time later, they succeeded in halting the fire spread, by eliminating the latter. The high mountainous relief at altitudes over 2500m above the sea level, the impassable area prevented the firefighting activities, using transport vehicles, thus they had to travel on foot approximately 6-7km. The officers of the Emergency Situations, Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of Nature Protection of RA, ''Hayantar'' (ArmForest )SNCO, the residents of the communities were willingly to assist.

On August 27, at 7:00 in the morning, the fire broke out in ''Khustup'' state sanctuary was brought to successful completion, though hot climatic conditions promoted the generation of smoking flashpoints for which relevant works were accomplished by the RA MNP Syunik Regional Division Staff, firefighter-rescuers of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia and the residents of the communities.
On August 28, early in the morning, the firefighter-rescuers of the Emergency Situations of RA teaming up with round-the-clock staff and dividing into 3 groups put out new wildfire flashpoints burnt by the hot sun and wind.
Twenty-four-hour duty is supervised.

Educational camp was held for the participants of IMPACT clubs in “Khustup” tent camping of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO

IMG_3138.JPGOn August 25-27 educational camp took place for the partakers of IMPACT clubs in ''Khustup” tent camping of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex SNCO within the framework of the youth project of World Vision, Syunik Region.
There were organized training, competitions, games, thus song and dance performances in the evenings. The organizers and the children had full and interesting days in the unique nature.
The officers of Conservation Unit, Ecotourism and Scientific Division of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO ensured the entire security and administrative activities in “Khustup” tent camping.

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Tourists from Slovenia conducted a visit to “Plane Grove” state sanctuary and “Shikahogh” state reserve within the period of 11- 13.08.17. Impressed by our unique nature, flora and fauna, they promised to visit us again.

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On July 29, “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO also participated in the nationwide clean-up day within “Clean Armenia” project scopes. SNCO employees executed cleaning and rehabilitation activities in Shikahogh Visitor Center, “Shikahogh” state reserve, “Plane Grove” and “Zangeur” sanctuaries, “Areviq” national park.

The annual student tent event was held in “Khustup” tent camping of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO

The students performed songs and dances, performances, competitions and games with joy in the tent camp within a few days. Students, guests, organizers of about 180 different higher educational institutions had interesting and exciting days in unique nature.
The officers of Conservation Unit, Ecotourism and Scientific Division of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO along with security officials of Police and Municipality ensured the entire security and administrative activities in “Khustup” tent camping.

lur_xustup_vran_15.08.17_10.JPG lur_xustup_vran_15.08.17_2.JPG lur_xustup_vran_15.08.17_3.JPG

On July 14 a workshop over community capacity building needs assessment and developing a training program for staff was held in “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO office within the frameworks of “Support Programme for Protected Areas – Armenia” project.

“Ayb” in border Nrnadzor community; a visit paid to “Areviq” national park

Yesterday the officers of WWF-Armenia alongside of “Areviq” national park employees with the schoolchildren of “Ayb” school toured the specially protected areas of nature of “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO, including “Areviq” national park. The visit was conducted within the scopes of “Conservation of Leopard in the Southern Caucasus” project; it is already over 15 years Armenia has implemented the program.
In due course, the schoolchildren of Nrnadzor school joined the pupils of “Ayb” school. The specialists gave information of the leopard and its prey species, by submitting their habitats, theatres, project achievements and etc. Afterwards the event partakers were engaged in the process of wildlife research and monitoring.
Additionally, the pupils asked questions related to nature and wildlife conservation in Armenia. During the visit the children watched bezoar goats using binoculars.
At the end of the visit all the participants received valuable gifts.
Meghri community workers, who were present at the meeting, welcomed similar undertaking, looking forward to its further progression.

Interview with Director of “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO Vardan Gevorgyan

On April 15 the ecotourism and recreation unit of “Zangezur” Biosphere Complex” SNCO had a participation in “AUA Ecotourism Conference, 2017” focused on enhancing ecotourism development in Armenia. The ecotourism division presented relevant photos of serviceable routes in SNCO, thus referring to the activities executed in ecotourism sector.
At the conference the concept of establishing stakeholders network towards sustainable ecotourism was considered. Tourism-related organizations presented their experience. During the diffused discussions several approaches and proposals were delivered, the significance of specially protected areas of nature in making progress to ecotourism development policy was reflected upon.

On February 22 “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO organized a meeting for the schoolchildren of Shikahogh, Srashen, Tsav and Nerkin Hand communities in the vicinity of “Shikahogh” state reserve, thus raising the awareness of rare and endangered mammals, birds and reptiles registered in the Red Book of the Republic of Armenia and met in the area of “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO. In the course of the meetings lifestyles, external structures of the above mentioned species as well as their role, significance in nature, environment were highlighted. The schoolchildren were provided with the booklets established by “Zangezur Biosphere Complex” SNCO; there are illustrated rare and endangered mammals, birds and reptiles in the booklets.

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