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According to the legend, in the early past, there was a lake in the vicinity of the village; the name of the village originates from the latter. Here are settlements, chapels, fortresses, bridges, buildings. Late Bronze Age tombs were found with remarkable finds in Khachtap ahead of the village. The name of Mount Navs is associated with the days of Noah. Tsav has been well-known since the times of Davit Bek, and then the sources have stopped talking. At the end of the 19th century, the village was repopulated by a number of families of Upper Dzor. Hunan Avetisyan, Hero of the Soviet Union and Writer, State and Public Figure Gevorg Hayryan were born in Tsav village.



According to Alishan: Chakatin or Chkten. The ruins of the 10th century church, chapels and a bridge built in the 17th century were preserved in the vicinity of the village. Some of the local residents explain the name of the village as a sunny side, the forepart of Baghk, which may be hardly convincing. Here are Irigis, Shindrne, Marur and other ancient settlements. Residents of Chakaten left for Venice and other cities for trade.



The ancient name is unknown. The village was formerly located on the right bank of the river, on the slopes; probably it is one of the villages according to St. Orbelyan’s payroll tax list. The new name of the village may be presented by immigrants from Vina in Gharadagh and Qaraglukh villages. The village played a fatal role during the heroic days of 1905-1906 and 1918-1920, 1988-1993. In 1906 there were Koryun (Gomsa Iso), Keri, Arshak Shirinyan, Sako Japonatsi and others. Hajduks named Nerkin Hand as the Second Sasoun. Harutyun (Ata) Ter-Grigoryan, Sculptor Garnik Khachatryan were famous people in Hand. The village was moved to the shore of Bassuta in the 1970s.



People have been living in the area of the village since the new Stone Age. The village’s name as Shikahoghq is mentioned in St. Orbelyan’s list: the villages on payroll to Tatev Monastery. Residents have been considered natives since ancient times. Shikahogh is also mentioned as an urban-type settlement. Grave fields, settlements, spiritual and secular structures spread throughout the village. Gh. Alishan also states the name of village as Upper Shikahogh. The population was engaged in copper mining here for more than 3000 years ago. Melik-Nubaryans came from Shikahogh (parental village of Nubar Pasha: Egyptian politician and the First Prime Minister of Egypt). Mesrop Magistros Ter-Movsisyan, Gurgen Ter-Movsisyan, and Arkaik Ter-Gevorgyan were born here. The worship of mountains, sun, water and forests is maintained in Shikahogh.



The ancient name of the village is unknown. It is also known as “Church Village”. St. Hripsime Church built in the 17th century was destroyed as a result of cannonade during the 1930s and 1992. The settlement of Sghnashen is located on the north-west side of the village. Srashen is one of the villages damaged within collective farming years. The latter played an exceptional role during the Nagorno-Karabakh War.



According to investigations, the village was a large place to live in the past (chapels, houses, graves, various buildings). The progress at the village coincides with the period of prosperity of Jugha, through which the trade route to Jugha passes. The name of the village Kap and Jugha originates from the latter. There were found bronze and iron artefacts, clay jars of the 9th-8th centuries BC in the area. The proofs of the trade route are rocky road, bridges, archaeological finds, including drams. A medical centre was built over curative water. Even in the recent past, people were recovered from skin diseases, joint and bone pains.

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